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5 Best Food vacuum sealer reviews 2020 for any budget-Comparison Chart
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Top rated Best vacuum sealer reviews

If you enjoy buying food in bulk then you should have the vacuum sealing equipment for storing food at home. We know it is really a tedious process to choose vacuum food sealers in 2018 with so many on the market and a lot of models look pretty similar. We have picked up the best food vacuum sealer with latest reviews which meet all your expectations without compromise. Read in-depth food sealer reviews by real customers who are using for last 2 years with comparison table. Check comparison of comparison of foodsaver models.

We spent 56 hours for searching number of models of different brands for reviews, ratings and price to pick cheap vacuum sealer with very good specifications. Before writing this guide we have tested number of models, compared features and specs and finally by considering consumer reviews.

Vacuum sealer comparison chart

After reading this article, you no need to read reviews from other websites to find the best vacuum sealers, as we covered all aspects in the point customer needs.


Basically Food sealer helps to keep food lasts longer than refrigerator, keeps fresh, taste for longer period and prevents wastage of food. Now a day’s heat sealer became an important appliance in our home to seal food.

Top 5 Food vacuum sealer reviews

Start reading below one by one to know features of each one. Read Ziploc vacuum sealer reviews by real customer.

Foodsaver V4880- The best food saver vacuum sealer

  • Foodsaver V4880 Vacuum Sealing System is fully automatic and highly recommended if you want sealing process automatic without manual intervention and it includes retractable handheld sealer.
  • In one word every operation automatic, that is it detects food saver bag automatically and starts sealing after removing moist air (creating vacuum).
  • It has long sealing strip for applying reliable and air tight seal.
  • Removable drip tray drawer makes your life simpler for washing any over flown liquids during sealing process and it is dishwasher safe.
  • It auto detects moist or dry food and adjust vacuum speed based on type of food.
  • You can do manual control of air removal by using Pulse Vac feature.
  • Other features include in built cutter to create custom-sized bags, rolls storage and quick marinate mode control button.
  • It works with all FreshSaver bags, FoodSaver canisters, containers and marinators.
  • It is the best rated vacuum sealer for home use.

Weston Pro-2300 Vacuum Sealer-The best food sealer

  • Weston Pro 2300  is the top rated vacuum sealer of all brands because of its amazing features.
  • It can handle any heavy duty jobs with ease because of its powerful motor capacity.
  • It has LED display which shows progress of vacuum and sealing.
  • This Countertop vacuum sealing system preserves dry or liquid food fresh five times longer duration.
  • You can manually adjust settings for custom sealing and at the same time it supports one touch button automation of vacuum and seal.
  • It has wide vacuum strip to seal bags of width up to 15 inch.
  • Other important features are Double piston vacuum pump, in built fan for cooling motor and roll storage.
  • Also buy weston vacuum sealer bags along with this heat sealer.
  • Only one downside is it weighs more, no inbuilt cutter and more expensive.

But those who want professional sealing and automatic control of operation you have to consider buying this.

Click here to read weston pro 2300 review

FoodSaver 4840 – The Top rated vacuum sealers

  • FoodSaver 4840 2 in 1 vacuum sealing system is highly recommended those who are looking for combination of standard vacuum sealing and handheld food sealing (you can seal with hand).
  • You can get optimal sealing by adjusting settings based on liquid or dry food for vacuum seal bags.
  • Inbuilt roll storage and bag cutter, so need to have scissors separately to cut bag.
  • Contains removable drip tray for catching spillover food during sealing.
  • With this Vacuum Sealing machine you will get starter kit containing zipper and heat seal bags.

Read complete FoodSaver 4840 review here.

Seal-A-Meal VS107- The best home vacuum sealer for food

  • Seal-A-Meal VS107 is highly recommended if you want to store delicate or moist foods.
  • One more attractive feature in this equipment is simple one touch operation of vacuum and seal with indicator lights.
  • It keeps freshness and flavor of food for long time and it has microban and antimicrobial protection.
  • Marinating of meat is easy now (in minutes rather than hours) if you use this Seal-A-Meal heat sealer.
  • Also buy seal a meal bags for using with this system at home.
  • Read complete Seal-A-Meal reviews of VS107 here.

FoodSaver GameSaver- The Best vacuum sealer for sous vide

  • FoodSaver GameSaver Vacuum packaging system is a robust model when compared to other type of food sealers.
  • With more powerful suction and can do over twenty five continuous sealing without taking break.
  • This Food saver model can be used to seal mason jars as well vacuum canisters.
  • It is good to use for dehydrated items and other brand bags can be used with this sealer.
  • This is one of the top foodsaver model in the market. Do not forget to buy food saver bags of different sizes.
  • It is highly recommend if you are serious about buying a good food saver and want to store and seal bulk quantities of food.

FoodSaver V2244- Cheap vacuum sealer

This is the inexpensive vacuum sealer among Foodsaver models. Even though it is low cost, foodsaver did not compromise on minimum required specifications. Click here to read FoodSaver V2244 Vacuum Sealing System review with price. Consider buying this if you are looking for affordable vacuum sealer in Foodsaver brand. FoodSaver V2244 is the budget friendly food sealer.

Click here to read detailed foodsaver v2244 reviews.

What is the best food vacuum sealer to buy in 2018?

We have researched all models of vacuum sealing equipment and given detailed food sealer reviews with pros and cons of each one to help you buy the best vacuum food sealer.

Among all brands foodsaver vacuum sealer and Weston Pro 2300 are the top rated ones in the market. Read food sealer reviews below to choose which model suits your needs.


Click here to buy vacuum seal storage bags to use at home.

What is a Vacuum Sealer?

It is also called as food sealer or heat sealer. Perishable food items like dry fruits, coffee powder (which goes bad if it exposed to air) are packed using Vacuum seal storage bags.

It sucks air from plastic storage bags before it seals and creates vacuum in the plastic bags.

Types of Vacuum Sealer equipment




External food sealers

External heat sealers are good for light to moderate household usage.

It is difficult to pack flour and items having liquid in it like soups, juicy cuts of meat.

It sucks the liquid out with the air from food which creates problem for machine internal workings and vacuum packaging bags may not be sealed properly.

Chamber vacuum food sealers

Chamber heat sealers are mainly used in professional kitchens in hotels and restaurants.

Now a day’s many people are using in their house because of advantages.

If you have to heat seal messy foods frequently or vacuum seal food items large batches at a time, it is always worth to buy a chamber vacuum food sealer.

These are also called Commercial vacuum sealers and mainly used in manufacturing industries.

VacMaster VP215 is the best chamber vacuum sealer among all Chamber type vacuum heat sealers.

Weston Pro-2300 Commercial Grade Stainless Steel is the best commercial vacuum sealer.

Handheld heat sealers

These hand held food sealers give convenience and good usability.

Consider them only if you are sealing small vacuum packaging bags.

Handheld food sealers will not give long lasting seal, so go for a other food saver models like Foodsaver V4880 Fully Automatic Vacuum Sealing System which has both hand held and standard vacuum sealing facility.

If you want to buy cheap and affordable handheld vacuum sealer, go for FoodSaver FreshSaver Handheld heat Sealer which is inexpensive.

Even though there is a little concern about durability of this fresh saver handheld vacuum sealing system, you can use it occasionally due to its handy to use.

How to choose vacuum sealer bags?

In general vacuum Storage bags are made with more thickness and high quality standards to store food for longer duration. These are more expensive when compared to regular plastic bags used for short-term food storage. There are many brands of food sealer bags like food saver, seal- a-meal, Weston etc. There are vacuum sealer rolls along with vacuum seal bags in the market.

You have to consider while buying vacuum sealer whether it works with any brand of bag or own brand only.

Before choosing a food sealer, you should check bag specifications and other points given below:

  • What is the cost per bag?
  • Can you use other brand’s bags or not?
  • Availability of bags in online store like Amazon or local store.
  • How many bags you are likely to use per week
  • Whether bags are reusable or not?

How to Use food sealer? Watch the demonstration in the below video


We hope this article gave an idea to choose proper food sealer for your needs. If you are looking for cheaper one then check Amazon’s top selling vacuum sealers. Still not convinced to buy a good model check this Food saver vacuum sealer comparison chart.