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Ziploc vacuum sealer reviews with V159 vs V203 Comparison

Ziploc vacuum sealer reviews of V159 & V203

Ziploc is the Most Trusted brand in food storage and comes to mind first when we plan to buy a vacuum sealer. There are number of models in Ziploc food sealers in the market and you may confuse which one to choose. In this article we have reviewed Ziploc vacuum sealer V159 & V203 models by comparing features, price, ratings with Pros and Cons.

if you want high capacity food sealer with many automatic functions we recommend to buy Ziploc Vacuum Sealer V151 model instead of v159 and v203 models. Check the reviews by Amazon customers who bought Ziploc food sealers.

Ziploc vacuum sealer review

Ziploc Vacuum Sealer System review

Read Ziploc reviews of V159 and V203 models below and decide which one to buy among them. If you are planning for other brands, then check our recommendations below. Check top 5 vacuum sealers in market.

Ziploc vacuum sealer v159 review

Ziploc food vacuum sealer v159

Ziploc vacuum sealer v159 gives enough accessibility to clean vacuum chamber easily by opening it wider.

Its automatic unlock feature helps to release the bag once sealing is completed. It gives perfect sealing by locking freshness and flavor and in turn saves money, time and energy. Because of its cord wrap storage at the back of the machine, you can hide excess cord length. One accessory hose, three number of Ziploc quart bags, 2 gallon bags, one half liter canister and universal adapter are included with this pack of vacuum sealer. It is very much helpful for sealing liquid food like soups, stews etc (use pulse button for it). Other important features like good quality locking lid, a LED indicator light, a vacuum and seal button and an instant seal button.

The dimensions of Ziploc V159 product are 7.5 x 4.5 x 19 inches and weighs 3.8 pounds only.


Highly durable sealing strip.

It has pulse feature as well.

Seals moist and dry foods perfectly.


Some times lid will not release automatically after sealing finished.


This is really good vacuum sealer, but

Ziploc vacuum sealer v203 reviews

Ziploc food sealer v203

Ziploc v203 vacuum sealer is designed with high quality materials and user friendly. It is available in variety of aesthetic colors and gives premium look to your kitchen. You can comfortably preserve food five times longer and finally it saves your money and time. It has illuminating LED which shows the status of the vacuum sealing process. This Ziploc food sealer has 3 control buttons such as Vacuum & Seal, Cancel and Seal Only.You can seal all type of foods like pasta, hamburger, Chicken, shredded cheese, juices, catsup etc.

The dimensions of Ziploc V203 product are 18 x 8.2 x 10.8 inches and weighs 4.2 pounds only.



It will not vacuum or seal properly if there is too much liquid in the tray. So, remove excess liquid between each vacuum sealing.

Initially i am unable to evacuate air from vacuum bags, this was solved by leaving enough margin when inserting and placing the bag at the tabs inside and it should work.

Do not forgot to buy Ziploc vacuum sealer bags and containers along with this model.


Keeps Foods fresh for longer.

Cheaper price.

Can seal dry and liquid Foods.


Sometimes remove a bit of air only. This issue was solved by placing bags in the correct location of the tray. Still if you are unable to get the air out, open the top and position the bag opening again. You can watch below video to solve this issue.


This is really a good food sealer and it creates vacuum and gives proper seal. You should know how to use it properly like placing Ziploc vacuum bags at correct place in the sealer. Then you will enjoy using it.

Ziploc v159 vs v203 Comparison

Check comparison of Ziploc V159 vs V203 models with video review guide below.

Ziploc v159 is little costlier compared to V203.

Ziploc V203 has more weight than v159 sealer. V159 :3.8 pounds & V203: 4.2 lbs.

Both have different dimensions. V159: 7.5 x 4.5 x 19 & V 203: 18 x 8.2 x 10.8 inches. Check space in your kitchen and choose the proper one which meet your needs.

Our recommendation:

Ziploc vacuum sealer v159 is highly versatile and have many good features when compared to V203 model. Ziploc v203 is a basic model and you have to properly place the bag to get good seal. We recommend you to buy Ziploc food sealer v159 or v151 model. Check latest price of V159 here.

How to use Ziploc vacuum sealer?

Watch the below video showing unboxing new Ziploc food sealer, explaining the operation and procedure to use Ziploc vacuum sealer.


We hope this post helped you taking decision to buy correct model of vacuum sealer. We suggest you buy Ziploc 159 or 151 models. Click here to read reviews of ziploc sealer posted by Amazon users.