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Benefits of a Kegerator - Top products Reviews & Comparison chart-Ultimate buyer's guide

Benefits of a Kegerator

If you’re thinking about bringing a kegerator into your home, let me convince you why you should do it right now!

Having both purchased and built my own kegerator, I can tell you how much I enjoy it and would never consider my home complete with out having draft beer available at all times.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Kegerator

1. Beer On Demand! Is there anything better than coming home from a hard day’s work and being able to pour yourself beer to unwind with? I think not! A properly set up kegerator will always produce a mug of the cold stuff at just the right temperature.

2. Make Friends Jealous! There’s nothing that many men appreciate more than being able to pour their own big mug of tasty beer. Keep chilled mugs near by to impress them even more. Be careful though – the sight of your kegerator might turn some of your friends into big mooches that never leave. Solution: charge at the door!

3. Can’t Beat the Price! Even if you prefer the big domestic brands, you will save money. You’ll save more if you enjoy more expensive beers. Buying beer by the keg is a very cost effective way of keeping your brew habits up. Want to see how much? Check out my analysis of how a kegerator can save you money.

4. No More Bottles! Gone are the cases of empties sitting by your door. Your kegerator not only saves you money, but it’s environmentally friendly too! No more recycling or filling up landfills. If you don’t buy into that, then think of how you’ll never have to run around collecting bottles from the four corners of your house.

5. Beer Stays Fresher! Ever go to a keg party where someone’s just using one of those crappy picnic pumps? They all suck – making your beer foamy and everything else sticky. Then your beer gets warm and what ever is left after the party is useless. No more! With a kegerator, your beer stays cold and yummy. And since you use CO2 just like the big draft systems to ensure your beer not only stays cold, but with the perfect amount of head for up to 3 months!

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get a Kegerator

1. No Electricity. If you live in a dirt floor hut, I would first start working on getting out of it. Maybe an education.

2. You don’t drink. Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.

3. You don’t want to be cool, have draft on demand, or any semblance of a life. Well, I guess if you have your priorities… far be it from me to judge.. nerd..

4. Kegs are Too Much of a Hassle. So is your girlfriend. You don’t seem to be getting rid of her – a kegerator will help you ignore her better. Don’t have a girlfriend? A kegerator and a little bit of networking will help. Promise.

5. You like booze, just not beer. Please be advised that you are a sissy girl. I’d like you to remove yourself from this site at once before my manly kegerator punches you through your monitor.

No Reason Not to Have a Kegerator

If you’re still not getting it, scroll up, and read again. Repeat until you get it.

If you do get it, go ahead and look through this site for more information on your future kegerator. If you want to start dreaming about your future kegerator, go see the massive selection of sexy kegerators available if you look hard enough.