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Best kegerator conversion kit - Top products Reviews & Comparison chart-Ultimate buyer's guide

Best kegerator conversion kit

If you have read anything about me, you know that I’ve been brewing my own draft beer forever and it really shouldn’t surprise you that I know a thing or two about using a kegerator conversion kit.

I actually have loads of experience when it comes to them. In college, I actually had a small business going converting mini fridges into kegerators for guys in my dorm. Today, I’m going to share my knowledge with you, which should give you a basic primer if you don’t know anything about or are considering a kegerator conversion kit.

What is a kegerator conversion kit?

Simply put, a kegerator conversion kit is what you use to turn an existing fridge or freezer into a kegerator. They often come with all the parts you need to convert your fridge, including instructions.

What are the benefits of using a kegerator conversion kit over buying a kegerator?

I personally prefer buying higher quality kegerators that don’t need conversion, but if you happen to be a little short on cash, a kegerator conversion kit is a good alternative.

They can be especially beneficial if you already have a suitable fridge or freezer that you want to convert, assuming that the unit can actually be converted.

If you don’t care about how it looks and are looking for something to just throw in your man cave, a kegerator conversion kit would probably work out perfectly for you.

Why should I stay away from doing a conversion?

  • Don’t take on a conversion yourself if you are not good with tools or following directions.
  • Don’t convert a fridge or freezer that you can’t find information on placement of cooling lines.
  • Don’t do a conversion if you want something that looks professional – kits rarely make a stylish choice.
  • Don’t go with a kit if you are concerned about replacing or upgrading parts, or a potentially poor outcome. Instead, spend the extra money on a quality pre-manufactured kegerator.

I already have a fridge or freezer – Can I convert it?

That’s a solid maybe. If it’s a full size fridge or freezer, you shouldn’t have any problems finding a kegerator conversion kit that will work for it, but you do need to make sure that the cooling compartment is going to be big enough to hold your keg. This is most important for those of you wanting to store a half barrel keg, as some of the smaller fridges and freezers just aren’t big enough.

You also need to be aware of where the cooling lines are in the unit. You can usually find this information from the manufacturer. In some cases, converting a unit you happen to have around is impossible, as many units don’t have a place where you can safely cut through the walls of the unit without damaging the cooling lines. Damaging the cooling lines will render your unit completely useless, and cost you more money to replace it.

On the same note, don’t just buy any fridge or freezer with out checking with the manufacturer.

Where can I find more information about how to use a kegerator conversion kit?

You can always check back here, as I will be writing some kegerator conversion kit reviews, but for now, search around a few of the brewing forums to find out which fridges convert better. Amazon is a great place to start.