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Foodsaver comparison 4840 vs 4440 vs 5800 vs 5860 vs v2244 vs fm2000

Compare foodsaver models 5800 vs 5860 vs 4840 vs 4440 vs V2244 vs FM2000

Food is an important part of human life and to have it preserved requires lot of effort and technology is also employed to keep the food fresh. Food forms the basic part of human breed, animal breed etc and is important to keep the food safe from perishing it. Here is the role of vacuum sealers where they preserve food by removing the air and locking out the moisture by using special design bags to preserve the food and keep it fresh for consuming it. In this post we have compared models of Foodsaver 4840 vs 4440, 5800 vs 5860 and V2244 vs FM2000.

Foodsavers are used by many users across the globe and there are many different models available in the market to purchase from and there may be many differences among the various vacuum sealer models. It is important to preserve food as across the world there is a huge wastage of food due to not preserving the food in the right way and that is where a vacuum sealer plays a very vital role in preserving the food to consume it. Below is the foodsaver comparison chart which would provide an insight as follows. 

Foodsaver comparison chart

DesignStainless steelStainless steelStainless steel with plasticPlasticPlasticPlastic
AccessoriesHeat seal bags,zipper bagsHeat seal bags,zipper bags2X1 gal zipper bagsPower cordAccessory hose and heat seal bagsAccessory hose and heat seal bags
Durability5 years limited warranty5 years limited warranty1 year5 years1 year5 years
Weight14.4 pounds14.95 pounds10 pounds10 pounds1 pounds5.3 pounds
Dimension19×6.2×8 inches19×6.2×8 inches11x20x12 inches11x20x12 inches5.9×10.6×17.7 inches17.6×5.9×10.6 inches

The above chart lists comparison of foodsaver models with the features each of vacuum sealers i.e 5800, 5860, v2244, fm2000, 4840 and 4440 models. All the models are good in their own capacity and produce products for its consumers.

Comparison: Foodsaver 5800 vs 5860

Let’s go further in detail below regarding the features of each model with the comparison of foodsaver models 5800 and 5860 as follows.

food saver 5800-vs-5860


5800 is built with stainless steel material and 5860 is also built with stainless steel material to provide strength to the product. It provides a good finish to the overall product is quite eyed catchy. First impression is the best impression is what I would say looking at the design of both models. There is not much of a difference between the two foodsavers and hence would suggest to purchase any of the product based on your needs.


For performance again not much of a difference between the two models as both provide good performance where the food is sealed in a way where it could be used up to 3 years once it is packed. Both the foodsavers remove the air and lock the bag in a superb way that the food remains intact and fresh for consumption. Both are automatic machines where the machine dispenses and rewinds the roll that is used to store the food. There is one issue with 5800 where the device gets heated up quickly and one needs to wait until the device is cooled whereas with 5860 there is not much of heating issues compared to 5800 foodsaver. Hence 5860 wins here hands down.


The product is provided with heat seal bags, rolls and also zipper bags along with the machine which makes it easier to operate the machine once it has been procured. The accessories provided are also mostly same for both the vacuum sealer models 5800 and 5860. Not much is to be discussed in choosing the best vacuum sealer brand  among 5800 and 5860 when it comes to comparing the accessories.


As we keep saying durability is a major contributor in choosing the right product to enhance the food quality that is to be stored and use it for later use. Both 5800 and 5860 have 5 years limited warranty provided which is an added advantage on top of the other parameters. Hence in terms of durability too it is a tie between the 5800 and 5860 food savers.


In terms of pricing of the device would say both are almost equally priced keeping in mind where the features of both the foodsavers are almost same except for performance. Hence it again depends on the consumer’s needs as to which foodsaver would be suitable to them.

Final Recount of the product comparison:

After comparing both the products on various parameters, would say that it depends on the users of the product as both are equal in terms of all parameters except for performance where 5800 gets heated up whereas 5860 is better placed here. Hence would suggest Food saver 5860 is the real winner here.

                     Image                            Pros                            Cons
5800            5 years limited warranty Affordably priced    Gets heated after repeated usage  
5860  5 years limited warranty Affordably pricedSlightly heavy device  

Comparison: Foodsaver 4840 vs 4440

There is a bit of difference between the models 4840 and 4440 in terms of design as 4840 is made up of stainless steel and plastic whereas 4440 is made up of only plastic and also price wise there is difference. Let’s take a look at the below vacuum sealer 4840 and 4440.

Difference between foodsaver 4840 and 4440


Design plays a vital role in deciding which model one should opt for as the exterior look of the foodsaver should be liked by the consumers. Here 4840 is made of stainless steel and plastic materials. The vacuum sealer is quite sleek in design and attractive to the consumers because of the materials used to manufacture the product. 4440 is made of plastic material only and hence one can guess that the design would be quite awkward when compared to the 4840 foodsaver. So my take is that 4840 is the go to product in terms of design.


Performance of both vacuum sealers are good, but here 4840 performance is faster when compared to 4440. 4840 removes the air and seals the bag sooner when compared to 4440 which takes much longer time to remove the air and seal the bag. Performance is crucial in selecting the best foodsaver model as faster the vacuum sealing process is completed better it is for the consumers. Both the vacuum sealers can seal the food in zipper, roll bags etc. Hence according to me performance wise 4840 is the leader compared to 4440 foodsaver.


In terms of accessories 4840 is fitted with 2X1 gal zipper bags whereas 4440 is provided with only the power cord. 4840 foodsaver available with zipper bags is an added advantage because consumers then don’t need to purchase the vacuum bags initially once the foodsaver model is purchased. Hence my take is that 4840 is better placed here.


Durability wise 4840 is provided with only one year warranty whereas 4440 is provided with 5 years limited warranty. Durability of a product is vital as consumers would prefer products that are long lasting and where they don’t need to shell out money once the foodsaver that they purchased loses its sheen. Hence my take is that 4440 wins here in terms of durability of the product.


Foodsaver 4840  costs more when compared to 4440 model. This is because of the design and accessories that the company offers with 4840. So again it depends on the consumers based on their needs and whether they prefer to shell out more for the product. Hence my take is that 4440 wins here hands down in terms of pricing.

Final Recount of the product comparison:

Considering the above factors, not much of a difference can be spotted of the two vacuum sealers that were compared except for the durability and pricing. Again as already mentioned it depends from person to person as to which foodsaver would suit them depending on their needs and overall reviews of the product. My take is 4840 wins here hands down.

                     Image                            Pros                                Cons
4840          Lifetime durability Affordably priced    Heavy weight tool box 268 pieces of tools provided  
4440  Lifetime durability Light weight tool box 300 pieces of tools provided  High priced  

Comparison: Foodsaver V2244 vs FM2000

Considering the above products of foodsaver models v2244 and fm2000 both are made of plastic material but the design of fm2000 is slightly better compared to v2244. Apart from that performance of fm2000 is better. Hence let’s compare the vacuum sealers v2244 and fm2000 on below parameters as follows.

difference between v2244 and fm2000


Both the foodsaver models V2244 and FM2000 are made of plastic material without any usage of stainless steel material. Design of v2244 is quite awkward as it has a bizarre design on the top of the product. If there is a space constraint, users would not be able to place any other stuff on top of the vacuum sealer whereas FM2000 has a better design with good and attractive looks where the consumers can place other stuffs on top of the foodsaver. That said more or less design of both the foodsaver product is good and would suggest FM2000 as the product to look for in terms of design.


In terms of performance both the vacuum sealer devices suck the air and seal the vacuum bags almost effortlessly. The only minor difference is that V2244 foodsaver produces excessive wastage of vacuum bags when compared to FM2000 where the excessive wastage of vacuum bags is taken care of. Apart from that both models have good accessories fitted and are good entry level foodsavers in the market. Hence my take is that FM2000 is the real winner in terms of performance.


Accessories provided by both foodsavers are same where they come with accessory hose and heat seal bags and rolls. So there is not much of a major difference in terms of accessories provided by both the models. Both models provide heat seal bags and rolls which is a very good advantage compared to other entry level models in the market. Hence my take is that it is a tie between both the models.


Durability is an important aspect for a product as it forms one of the basis points in selecting the right product. FM2000 comprises of 5 years limited warranty whereas V2244 comprises of only 1 year limited warranty. This is a very serious difference and can be the real factor is terms of selecting the foodsaver. As per my opinion FM2000 is way ahead and the product the consumers should opt for in terms of durability.


Food saver FM2000 is costly when compared to V2244. This may be due to few factors like performance and the durability of the vacuum sealer. Also FM2000 is enhanced version of V2244 with only minor tweaks to the product. So my take is that in terms of pricing V2244 is ahead compared to FM2000.

Final Recount of the product comparison:

Based on the above comparison parameters one can clearly judge that FM2000 and V2244 are very similar in nature except for performance, pricing and durability of the product. Both are basic level foodsavers and based on the needs of the consumers should choose the right product. My take is FM2000 is way ahead of the race compared to V2244 foodsaver product.

                     Image                            Pros                                Cons
V2244          Affordably priced Preserves food up to 3 years      1 year limited warranty
FM2000  5 years limited warranty Preserves food up to 3 years    High Priced  


After comparing the foodsaver models like 5800, 5860, v2244, fm2000, 4840 and 4440, one can assume that all the products are having their advantages and disadvantages where one product is better than other in terms of durability or the performance of the foodsaver. It depends on the consumers where if they prefer that design of the vacuum sealer should be attractive then would say to opt for 5860 else price wise it can be an entry level foodsaver like v2244 and in terms of durability there are few models which one could opt for.

Overall to select the right vacuum sealer, i would suggest that based on the consumers need there are various ranges of foodsavers available to choose from the above models which would provide an insight based on the above comparison.